Anytime Auslan Gold Access Membership: Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Unlock Priority Auslan Interpreting Services 24/7

 $199 per month, or $2,388 per year.

How Our Gold Access Membership Enhances Your Experience

Base Membership for Enhanced Access: The Anytime Auslan Gold Access Membership is your gateway to priority Auslan interpreting services.


Bookings officer is available 7 days a week for emergency and urgent bookings.
Auslan and Deaf Interpreters provide face-to-face support and interpreting services for your booking 24/7.
Opportunity to access online interpreters for times when face-to-face is not available.

Flexible and

While the membership itself is a base fee, it entitles you to discounted rates on all interpreter bookings.

Your service and appointment will be our priority.


Each booking is an additional charge, but with the convenience of priority service and the advantage of discounted rates, making it a valuable investment for regular users.

Comprehensive Support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Anytime Auslan are committed to providing solutions that match our qualified interpreters, to the needs of our community. 

To see our Fact Sheet please click here: Gold Membership Fact sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions about Anytime Auslan’s Gold Access Membership that aren’t answered here, please reach out to the team. 

We will endeavour to achieve onsite interpreters across Australia, however in regional and remote areas we also have online interpreter team if no-one is available for onsite.

The membership grants you priority and access to our 24/7 admin team and last minute interpreting team, and reduced Interpeter rates. Thereafter there are standards interpreting rates to be charged with the applicable member discount.

The membership grants you priority and access to our 24/7 admin and last-minute interpreting team. The membership does not include any interpreting but access to a bookings officer 7 days a week.

When using the service, standard interpreting rates will be charged with the applicable member discount.

No, we have a dedicated emergency 24/7 interpreting team that your booking request would go out to. 

Yes, we have a dedicated emergency 24/7 interpreting team that does include Deaf Interpreters.

Currently this service is exclusively available to NDIS plan and self managed participants. We cannot provide services for NDIA Managed Participants as Anytime Auslan is not a registered NDIS provider.

Yes, we will endeavour to respond to emails and bookings for non-members between Monday – Friday 8-5pm (our general business hours). There will be no discount for people without a membership.

Gold Members will receive responses and bookings outside of these hours.

Bookings will usually be prioritised in the order of “how soon the booking starts”, usually each day we are working on bookings for the same day or next day, then once those are all actioned, all others that follow in order of days. All clients and bookings in between 7am-5pm Business hours, will be actioned as normal but after-hours and on weekends Gold Access Members will receive responses, booking confirmations and communication after hours regarding bookings. Especially for last minute bookings.

E.g if a Gold Member puts in a booking at 6pm on Friday night, for Saturday morning, we would action this after-hours, people without a gold membership will not receive a response after-hours or over the weekends.

Yes, the line item we claim under for subscription is: Low Cost AT –Communication or Cognitive Support 03_222100911_0124_1_1 Items to enhance communication function

Yes, you can now use this to service for interpreting to benefit on discounts using your EAF.

Thank you for your message to Anytime Auslan! 

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